Self-Esteem versus Self-Criticism

I think ultimately the yoga is meant to serve our daily life.  We don't live to do yoga, we do yoga to live a healthy, happy, meaningful life!

If we get on our yoga mat and compare, judge and use it as a way to prove something; then it is not using the yoga in a skillful manner.  Rather we can use the yoga practice as a way to observe ourselves with loving-kindness, get connected to our inner self, listen deeply to our body and inner self and try to understand.  This develops compassion towards our selves and others.  It brings UNION with others, rather than dis-union.  We begin to feel at ONE with the human race and all other beings; living as a community in that world, rather than segmenting our selves into little communities of petty comparing and judging.

However, before all that, we need to feel at one with ourself.  Love ourself, not from an egotistical 'better than others' way but as ONE of the others.  

This is an excerpt of an event we had to create community through community and fundraising to bring yoga to all with Connection Karma~ yoga pour tous!

Some photos of the creative Vinyasa Class.

 And of the beautiful ways everyone put colors together with partner work.

 Then finishing the day with restorative yoga amongst our works of art :) !

Chuck Miller ~ A Mentor

The first time I went to Chuck Miller's Mysore class in Santa Monica, California was in 1997.  It was so peaceful with all the people moving with their breath.  I remember very well while I was in Trikonasana, Chuck came up behind me to adjust but also he spoke about the quality of the breath in the pose.  His voice was calm and reassuring.  From then on, whenever I went to Los Angeles I made sure to find a hotel close to his yoga shala to be sure to practice with him at 6am before I had to be at the fashion event or meeting I was there for.  At the time I still worked in the fashion business and needed to go to LA at least 3 times a year.  It was a great opportunity for me to study with one of the top Ashtanga teachers!  I must admit I was becoming more passionate about yoga than fashion....little did my employers know ;) 

Now 20 years later I've had the privilege to continue studying with Chuck and even interview him!  

Here are a few photos from the workshop:

And lastly video clips from the workshop.  Such an amazing time, learning to be a beginner.  However, I feel that being a beginner is actually a show of an 'advanced' practitioner!  Slowing down while staying clear and present is a highly advanced practice.  This is what I feel Chuck shares with us.  Thank you Chuck!

With gratitude and respect,

Garbha Pindasana

Embryo in the womb pose.  
A nice pose to massage the spine!  Be sure to double your mat or put a blanket to make it feel good on the spine and not have the vertebra get bruised by rolling on a hard surface.

Agata is sharing how to get into this full Padmasana position of Garbha Pindasana. She also gives options for those who are not comfortable with the lotus pose.

Une belle pose pour masser la colonne vertébrale! Assurez-vous de doubler votre tapis ou de mettre une couverture pour qu'il se sente bien sur la colonne vertébrale et ne pas avoir la vertèbre être meurtri en roulant sur une surface dure.

Agata partage comment entrer dans cette position complète de Padmasana de Garbha Pindasana. Elle donne également des options pour ceux qui ne sont pas à l'aise avec la pose de lotus.