The Seer According to Patanjali

Asmita is one of the Kleshas.  In Sutra 2.6 Patanjali describes what Ego is: “I-am-ness (asmita) is as it were the unification of the powers of the ‘Seer’ and ‘seeing’.”  In this video we also discuss the necessity of the ego for living in this world but remaining unattached to the identities of Asmita.

Hands On Adjustments for Seated Forward Bends

A demonstration of different ways to adjust forward bends in a way that ‘says’ something about the pose to the practitioner.  Helping the yoga student learn how to find the subtleties of the pose for their own bodies.

Lumbar Pain & Forward Bending

Here is a demonstration with a skeleton of what it looks like when we overdo our forward bends.  And then how to be attentive to not going too far.