Helping in Headstands

In this video Linda gives some ideas of how to help your yoga student find the base of support for the headstand and then help them into the pose, if they are ready. How to know if they are ready?  They need to be able to be strong in the base of support, without any collapsing in the neck or arms.  Be attentive!  

Practice at Home!

I'm happy to share with you all this interview that I did for Yogin'it !  

If you want to learn Ashtanga Yoga from the comfort of your own home, then you can follow a series of videos I made with .  In the videos, I talk through the entire primary series in an articulate, calm way while giving tips and variations to make the practice healthy and enjoyable for all!   

Thanks to Sonia Ribas and Agathe Padovani for putting this project together!!

Truth & Non-Stealing

Within the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga we find the restraints of Truth and Non-Stealing.  We all probably feel we are truthful and that we do not steal, right?!  Hmmm, on closer inspection we may be 'truthful' enough to see where we let these virtues slide at varying degrees.  Justification is one means we use to make it 'ok' to make small white lies or to take something small that doesn't really belong to us.

Success in the cultivation of the yamas develops emotional stability and allow us to live in the world in harmony with ourselves and others.

Here is an amusing story about these 2 Yamas.

And I think everyone should watch this documentary.  Just amazing!!!