David Garrigues at AYP

Gerald and David met in the early 1990's in Mysore, when they were both much younger.  They have continued practicing all these years and are dedicated to the Ashtanga method of yoga.

David visits us regularly and gives dynamic workshops at Ashtanga Yoga Paris.

Below are two videos from 2017 showing parts of David's workshop and an interesting discussion between David and Gerald.  Enjoy!

The interview:

Here is a video highlighting David's visit to Paris in 2015.  It was a blast!  David has a special way to create enthusiasm for Ashtanga while giving great ways to learn and try some of the asanas you think you may never be able to do :) !

Going Upside Down ~ Sirsasana

aka Headstand

Going step-by-step to build the upper body strength to use it as the body's foundation 
~ Antoine and Agata share lots of projects!

Try them out!

Aller étape par étape pour construire la force du haut du corps pour l'utiliser comme base du corps
~ Antoine et Agata partagent beaucoup de projets!


Voici quelques photos de notre livre:

Intermediate Series Practice Sheets

Nadi Shodhana
Cleansing of the Nadis ~ The Energetic Lines

Practice sheets for the second series of Ashtanga.  
This set of asanas is preceded by the standing sequence and completed by the finishing sequence.  You can find those practice sheets with the primary series.  
Please proceed with caution...in ashtanga you first must reach a certain level of ease in the primary series before introducing the second one!